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Emergency Tree Removal

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Emergency Tree Removal

  • 1

    Evaluate what tree work you need to have done. Consider seriously which trees need to

    be removed or trimmed. A dead tree near your house can be a significant hazard and

    probably should be removed.

  • 2

    Contact several tree service contractors in your area. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations, or note contractors from trucks working in your neighborhood. If you are having difficulty finding someone, check the yellow pages.

  • 3

    Have the contractors quote you prices for the work you want done. Be sure to give each contractor complete (and identical) specifications for the project.

  • 4

    Make sure that the contractors are all properly insured. Check to make certain that their coverage protects against any property damage that may result during the work, as well as any injuries.

  • 5

    Ask for references from the contractors. Check with these references. Were customers happy with the work done? Was the project free of incidents or damage?

  • 6

    Make sure you and your trimmer are clear on what is to be done with the debris. Will the contractor remove it all? Will logs be cut and stacked and branches chipped?

  • 7

    Select a contractor based upon price, experience, and your impression.

  • 8

    Execute a contract for the work. The contract should clearly specify the work to be done, the cost, a payment schedule, a start date, and an estimated completion date. Make sure that the contract also protects you against any damage done during the work and specifies what is to be done with the debris.

  • 9

    Have the contractor tag all trees to be removed to avoid any confusion. Check to make sure the tags are correct.

Emergency Uprooted Tree

Emergency Tree Removal

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